Review: Avoiding Decisions by K.A. Linde

SYNOPSIS:Avoiding Decisions

Two Avoiding Series novellas written from Jack and Ramsey’s point of views from the first time they each meet Lexi with an EXCLUSIVE first look at the intro to Avoiding Temptation!!!

Jack’s POV: Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. In the bestselling novel, Avoiding Commitment, you find out why. There are two sides to every story, and Lexi doesn’t even know this one. Get inside Jack’s head in this never before seen short story—the first time he meets Lexi.

Ramsey’s POV: Ramsey recently went through a terrible break up. In the bestselling novel, Avoiding Responsibility, you find out why. Out for an interview for his father’s company, he meets a gorgeous girl that changes everything. Get inside Ramsey’s head in this never before seen short story—the first time he meets Lexi.


I have read the first 3 books in the Avoiding Series and now this novella and honestly I am torn. Jack clearly thought more of Lexi then Ramsey did upon first meetings but at the same time I am torn. Jack was cheating on his girlfriend but technically not. In comparison, Ramsey thought that Lexi was just a piece of meat and another notch in his belt. Its hard for me because I am team Ramsey all the way but when you see it from the their view points, I kind of start to favor Jack. Basically, I am slightly obsessed over this series, its amazing, and I am terrified to read the final book because I am terrified to find out how it ends. I think I am going to start becoming a member of team Lexi.

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