Review: Beautiful Downfall by Scarlett Jade


Camille Taylor’s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment. She became a recluse, only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams… A handsome man with dark hair and wicked eyes visits her at night, keeping her company as she struggles to get past the sudden death of her beloved parents. There is something undeniable about him. She is drawn to the mysterious man like a moth to a flame. This couldn’t be insanity, but it can’t be real, either…

Casey Philips has his own damaged past that put him in a delicate situation. He is an angel working for redemption, and has been watching over Camille since that horrible day where her mother and father were stolen away. It’s all God’s plan, they are fine and well now, but the task of helping this lovely human get past her grief to move on in her life is quickly taking a wrong turn. She’s stunning and plays the key role in his every thought. Angels aren’t suppose to fall in love with their clients. If he continues he could lose everything and fall from God’s good graces. But if he stops he will lose the most important person in his life.

With every thing on the line, Casey and Camille set out on a life-altering adventure to discover if love really can overcome anything.


So this book was different then my usual NA or YA because there was a twist, Casey was an angel. Pleasantly to my surprise I really enjoyed the story and fell in love with it. I think the pain that Camille feels is tangible and I wanted to reach into my Kindle and comfort her and let her know its going to be okay. Camille is broken and Casey will only be around till she has gone through the grieving process. Casey knows this but he can’t stay away from Camille, Camille is his kryptonite.

Camille goes to therapy and tells the doc about Casey and then the doc thinks Camille has gone off the deep end. Then enter the wonderful, confusion, holy sh*t curve ball known as Sarah. Camille meets Sarah at the mall and they instantly become good friends. Casey knows there is something off about Sarah but doesn’t know what. Finally Camille and Casey give into each other and all hell breaks loose.

EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW WAS A LIE! The Sarah curve ball I literally yelled out “WHAT?!” when all the pieces to this puzzle were revealed. God is a tricky trickster in this book as is Sarah. The truth comes out and Camille and Casey both learn to heal each other.

Basically this book was freaking amazing and you know me, I am a sucker for a good love story. So I highly recommend you go buy this book and see if you can figure out all the twists before they happen. I can’t wait to read more from Scarlett Jade!


He vanished like a whisper in the night.

…isn’t that what love is, hurting someone but apologizing profusely in the most beautiful of ways?


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