Review: Blank Slate by Tiffany Snow

SYNOPSIS: Blank Slate

Special Agent Erik Langston has been tracking Clarissa O’Connell for nearly a year, always one step behind the cyber hacking thief. She’s escaped his clutches often and easily.

Except tonight.

In the snow-covered switchbacks of the Colorado mountains in a worsening snowstorm, a car crash robs Clarissa of her memory and lands her as Erik’s prisoner.

Riding out the storm in a cabin, Erik is forced to protect someone he knows to be a criminal, though O’Connell isn’t anything like he’d imagined her to be.

In a race to stay one step ahead of those who’ll do anything for what she knows, Clarissa and Erik must dig into her locked memories if they’re going to survive. Can she trust his feelings even when he knows the truth?

Is it really possible to start over with a blank slate?


This was originally a Kindle Serial in which episodes are released on a bi-weekly basis. I waited until the entire series was out prior to reading. I have to confess this book was painful to get through. It is different from my usual reads but the synopsis pulled me in. I struggled to finish this book, it didn’t keep my attention. What the author viewed as surprises, I found predictable. Every “twist and turn” I predicted several pages or chapters prior to it happening. The relationship between Clarissa and Erik when from 0 to 100 and it was sporadic and random. This just didn’t keep my interests and I don’t think I am going to branch out again for a while.

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