Books I’m Grateful I Read Giveaway Hop


This hops  theme is books I’m grateful I read. There are so many options, I could go with the whole reason I am a blogger, the Twilight Series. I know many people will sigh but it really reminded me why I loved reading to begin with. More so, I want select a book that I am more recently grateful for. I will select one New Adult book and one Young Adult, since that is my blog’s specialty.

For New Adult, I will gift an ebook copy of Elite by Rachel Van Dyken, I am huge fan of her work and I really enjoy this series. For Young Adult, I will gift an ebook copy of Ascenders by C.L. Gaber. She is a new author and this was a really unique and enjoyable read…I am highly anticipating the second book!

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13 responses to “Books I’m Grateful I Read Giveaway Hop”

  1. Tiffany Johnson says:

    I love new adult because they are actual adults ( and not teens) and they are in real world situations and I love to see how they handle them because often it’s a first time situation.

  2. Havebookwillsurvive/Cara says:

    New Adult… They are starting out fresh on their own and I like to watch their journey unfold.

  3. Stephanie Grant says:

    I love YA novels because I feel I can relate more to their content.

  4. Right Now I am really enjoying Kelly Oram’s Science Squad series, because they are romantic but down to earth.

  5. Ashfa says:

    Young Adult!!! I can relate more with the characters of YA novels.

  6. Sabrina Fox says:

    I prefer YA novels because I haven’t really read any NA novels I’ve liked!

  7. Erin says:

    I actually enjoy both but I probably read more YA then NA. I teach high school and sometimes it is good to give them some suggestions on what to read. I feel YA is more appropriate for most of them than NA

  8. Katherine Riley says:

    I like new adult because I was actually young and starting out once…

  9. Dee Swan says:

    New Adult, I feel that I can relate more. Thanks!

  10. steph y says:

    I can’t choose. They both have aspects that I like.

  11. BookLady says:

    New Adult because I can relate to the characters.

  12. Corey Clancy says:

    I would have to say Cynthia Witherspoon’s the Oracle series. It is an awesome paranomal of Gods and Ghosts. She is an amazing Indie Author.

  13. Ann S says:

    I love YA because of all the firsts! And the drama. Thanks for the giveaway.