Review: Broken Fairytale by Nikola Jensen

SYNOPSIS:Broken Fairytale

Following a family tragedy, Izobel Jerome has lived the past eighteen months in an emotional wilderness, losing herself in meaningless relationships and barely existing.

But no more, Izzy is tired of running. At twenty-two, she decides life is for living and that’s exactly what she intends to do. She will heal her heart and open it to love. A chance meeting at University…call it fate, will have her sharing a flat with three gorgeous men, all different and all offering her the safety and security Izzy desperately needs and craves.

In Aiden and Max she will find the family she never had. In Declan she will find a kindred spirit.

Declan, a man as equally damaged as Izzy who will become her salvation as they both discover the other half of their damaged hearts.


This was Nikola’s debut novel and it was one of the better debut novels I have read! I really enjoyed the writing style and English accent/vocabulary. It was a refreshing read to see words like arse and slapper as opposed to normal American style writing. I loved, loved, loved Declan, can I take him home with me? He is a sweet heart, just the characters in general, it was hard not to fall in love with all of them. There was only one residual question I had at the end of the book, what happened to Finn? Maybe I missed it, and I know I will certainly re-read this novel so maybe it was just a sentence I missed (I hope so). Otherwise prepare yourself for this novel, it is not for the light of heart but it covers heavy topics with an elegance that has not yet been shown. Thank you for this refreshing, emotional fairytale.

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