Review: The Lost One by Meg Collett

SYNOPSIS: They say some things must be broken before they can be fixed. But when Michaela hoped to cast doubt on the Aethere, she never thought things would fall apart like they did. Now the Aethere have turned their attention to the End of Days, and they won’t rest until they obtain the tools of […]

Review: Wrecked by Meljean Brook

SYNOPSIS: Elizabeth has spent the past five years running from her father; her father’s huntsman, Caius, has spent the past five years pursuing her. But when he finally catches up to her on an airship flying above Europe’s zombie-infested cities, Elizabeth discovers that Caius isn’t the only danger she has to fear—and now that he’s […]

Review: Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt

SYNOPSIS: When you see someone who looks like they need saving, you save them right? Mackenzie is struggling. She’s burdened by a disease that well and truly has its grips on her. Outwardly she tries to hide it; inside, she’s crumbling. The only way she has been able to feel in control of her life […]

Review: Merry Christmas, Lincoln by Lindy Zart

SYNOPSIS: Lincoln and Sara Walker have gone through their share of heartache, but through it all, they had one another, and that was enough to make it past the turmoil and into the calm. But the calm has gone, and with it, Lincoln’s security that all is okay with him and his wife. Sara is […]

Review: Guardian by Sara Mack

SYNOPSIS: True love never dies. Emma Donohue begs to differ. When a late night accident claims the love of her life, Emma secludes herself in memories of James. In his sandy brown hair and clear blue eyes. In their innocent first kiss and declarations of love. In their plans for a life together after college. […]