Review: Duplicity by Kristina M. Sanchez


In Lilith Callicotte’s profession, being able to indulge in a little fantasy was a plus.Not much that came out of her pretty little mouth was real, but then again, what did her rich, playboy clientele care about truth? Lilith made lying more than an art – it was her life. But as lies often go, it only took one client asking too many questions for everything to unravel.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading Duplicity. The cover and title were no indication as to what the novel was going to be about but overall I was pleasantly surprised. In the end the novel was emotional, heartwarming, and touching. So where do I begin.

It took me till about 30% of this novel before I really got into it but once I hit that point, I couldn’t put it down. Lilith is the main character and she has really been through the ringer, part her fault because she is too stubborn/strong and part all the sh*t going on in her life that just amounts to where she finds herself. Let me tell you there were moments when I was so mad at her that I wanted throw my Kindle or at least slap her across the face for being so dumb. She is oblivious but that is because she is emotionally numb since she is the rock for her two friends Mal and Dana.

Mal and Dana have been through the ringer with Lilith but they finally have their lives in order, everyone has a set future and set goals aside from Lilith, cue Trey. Handsome, wealthy, smart Trey. Trey is really the kind of man we all want to sweep in and pick us up off our feet. Now the emotional rollercoaster begins.

Trey falls for Lilith, Lilith isn’t having any of that because the girl has a job to do and no man is going to stop her from putting Dana through school. Lilith is abandoned by her family and don’t even get me started on that sick, cruel man named Frank.

All I am saying is that the ending will tug on your heart-strings and don’t worry there are plenty of cold water scenes. I mean with Lilith’s profession I was going to be disappointed if there weren’t. So go pick up this great read and enjoy this story for yourself!


…her patience was wearing about as thin as a communion wafer.

She was locked in her head with ghosts of her past, everything laid bare, and she couldn’t escape, even when her eyes were closed.




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