Review: Electric by Tawny Stokes


**sequel to STATIC**

You can’t out run the shadows….

Back in Boise, Salem and Trevor try to find some normalcy. Salem goes back to school, hangs out with her friends, and gets an after school job. Trevor gets an apartment and a job and the two continue to date and see each other like normal teenagers. But they will soon learn you can’t outrun your past.

A teen girl is found dead in a dumpster. The exact same dumpster Salem had been left for dead in. It’s no coincidence and the two find themselves face to face with Merlin who is out for revenge and will settle at nothing to find it.


If you haven’t read Static, I suggest you go do that because this will probably contain some spoilers. I really loved Electric, it was the perfect ending for me. It answered all my questions, it was a light refreshing read, and most of all I could get lost in the story because it is so unique. I love the concept of these two novels. They are fun and always changing and growing so I am constantly on my toes the entire time I am reading. Trevor and Salem are amazing and they are relate-able in that teenage love way. Chloe and Jamie are great friends and Salem’s mom is the woman. Seriously, the characters are well developed and I loved them all. I adore Tawny Stokes because I have read alot of books in my 23 years of life and for me to find something so unique and enticing is rare. So thank you Tawny for a refreshing escape from the norm. I look forward to reading more of your books.

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