Review: Frostborn by Lou Anders


Meet Karn. He is destined to take over the family farm in Norrøngard. His only problem? He’d rather be playing the board game Thrones and Bones.

Enter Thianna. Half human, half frost giantess. She’s too tall to blend in with other humans but too short to be taken seriously as a giant.

When family intrigues force Karn and Thianna to flee into the wilderness, they have to keep their sense of humor and their wits about them. But survival can be challenging when you’re being chased by a 1,500-year-old dragon, Helltoppr the undead warrior and his undead minions, an evil uncle, wyverns, and an assortment of trolls and giants.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

I think this will be my first formal review of a Middle Grade book, it doesn’t happen often but every  now and then I stumble upon a book I wish my pre-teen self would have read, this would be one of those books. This book was a fantastic, action-packed adventure. From the beginning of the book I was captivated by trolls, giants, dragons, undead warriors, and a whole slew of characters that kept me turning the pages.

My only problem with this book is that there were some descriptive pages that lost my interests. I could walk away for a couple days and then come back and read. I understand that these parts are necessary to paint the image in my head but I found them boring and repetitious. Otherwise the book was exciting, learning about an evil, scheming Uncle Ori, how things magically tumble down around Karn and Thianna, how friendships form in the most unlikely places, and how life lessons can be learned from something as simple as a board game. A great read for young minds looking for adventure.


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