Interview Time with Jay McLean

I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Jay McLean about her wonderful More Series! If you have not read this series, definitely check out the books! If you need some motivation, check out my review of book 1 in this series, More Than This.

1. Where did your inspiration for the More Series come from?

I don’t recall ever being truly ‘inspired’ to write the story. I just opened my computer one day and let the words spill out. There was never an intention to publish it.

2. What is your writing process, do you fly by the seam of your pants or are you planning it out months in advance?

Fly by the seam. I can maybe plan out 3 chapters ahead, but never beyond that. I change my mind too much, and things come easier to me if I have no plans.

3. If you had to pick a favorite character from the More Series, who would it be and why?

Jake. He was my first love. lol.

4. When you aren’t writing books we are in love with, what are you reading?

I love to read NA contempt romance and sometimes really cheesy YA. I don’t read a lot of adult biker/bdsm books. I devour Colleen Hoover and Tijan.

5. Is there another genre of writing that you consider branching into?

I’d like to challenge myself and write something a little darker at some point. Something to really eff with my mind.  I may never publish it, but that’s okay. It’s something I want to do for me.

6. Describe the More Series in less than 10 words.

More than just romance. It’s about family, friendship and finding yourself.

7. Did you edit anything out of the More Series books that you wished would have made it to print?

There are a couple of mirror scenes (same scenes from previous books but in a different POV). I cut a lot of them because I’m actually not a fan of mirror scenes, but some are great. I’ll most likely post them on my website at some point.

8. What authors have influenced you the most?

Colleen Hoover and Tijan. I love the way Colleen Hoover can throw in a little comedy. And Tijan — her angst is unmatchable. I can’t even…

9. If you did not experience the awesome success you did with the More Series, what would have been your back-up career?

Mom (which I still am) but probably working at my old work in an electrical store called JB HiFi — I think it’s Australia’s equivalent to Best Buy.

10. Finally, name your favorite book boyfriend of all time (I won’t judge you if you pick Jake)!

Josh Bennet from The Sea of Tranquility. DIBS!








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