Release Day Launch and Review: Verum by Courtney Cole

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The truth shall set you free.

My name is Calla Price and I’m drowning.

My new world is a dark, dark ocean and I’m being pulled under by secrets.

Can I trust anyone? I don’t know anymore.

The lies are spirals. They twist and turn, binding me with their thorns and serpentine tongues. And just when I think I have it figured out, everything is pulled out from under me.

I’m entangled in the darkness.

But the truth will set me free.

It’s just ahead of me, so close I can touch it. But even though it shines and glimmers, it has glistening fangs and I know it will shred me.

Are you scared?

I am.


I close my Kindle after reading the final page, do I rock back and forth in a corner, do I cry, do I re-read it, what do I do? What is this life? Mind-blown, I am cheese, swiss cheese, and there are too many holes and questions and I need answers! This book was positively breath-taking, 5-save me and I’ll save you stars! Where shall I begin? This story picks up where Nocte left off, except everything I know is a lie!!! Lies, upon lies, upon lies…okay really I can review this book…I can do this!

The story continues where we are trying to decipher what is the truth and what is a lie. We are lost in Calla’s world and there are secrets, twists-and-turns, and deceit but don’t worry because Dare is there to guide the way, even though Calla does and doesn’t want him there. He clouds her thoughts and makes everything clear at once. I love Dare, he is my happy place. We find out more about Calla’s family history and the strange, tangled web, that is weaved.

Buyer’s be warned, you thought Nocte ended on a cliffhanger, it is nothing compared to the ending of Verum. Seriously I just fell off the cliff that faces the ocean where Calla lives. Take me out to see cruel waters for I no longer want to wallow as I wait for book 3 (Lux) to arrive. I am left with questions, and an impending feeling of wanting to cry, no seriously after that ending I wanted to cry. Please don’t let it be true. Just go read the book and wallow in the crazy with me, crazy loves company.

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