Review: Alliance by Trisha Leigh


As Gypsy and her friends try to decide who to trust, whether they can save Flicker’s life, and deal with Reaper’s betrayal, a deadly computer virus starts quietly melting the brains of people in Russia.

Dane Lee and the CIA want the Cavies to help find out who’s behind it, what they want, and how to stop it, and when the people Gypsy touches on the Charleston streets die in front of their computers by the dozen, they know the attack will hit closer to home.

The time has come to put their powers to use for good, but, what is good? *Who* is good?

With those unanswered questions heavy on their minds, the Cavies fly to Saint Petersburg, Russia to do their part.

What they find there is a complication they never expected, in the form of people they never guessed existed…even though one of them is a trusted friend.

Gypsy and the Cavies will have to make the right alliances in the thick of a lethal showdown, and making wrong choice could do more than expose them. It could kill them.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

Okay…I am just going to come out and say it…this book p*ssed me off. There, I said it, now let me explain my frustration. I can’t do love triangles, I just can’t especially when I absolutely adore Mole/Shiloh and I absolutely want to stab Jude. Jude is a traitorous sneaky bastard and Gypsy is still being stupid and swooning over him. It frustrated me to no end. I don’t trust Jude, I don’t like Jude, there is nothing good about Jude in any way, shape, or form.

So basically my anger stems from not being able to get the truth from anyone because the majority of these characters are liars! Then instead of getting answers that seemed from book 1, I was just left with more questions, more plot twists, and more confusion. So after reading my mini-rant, do you think I will read book 3? The answer is h*ck yes, because I am hoping beyond hope that all my questions will be answered. Wish me luck!


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