Review: Always Forever by Cheryl McIntyre

SYNOPSIS:Always Forever_eBook

“Will you marry me?”

Most women would love for Luke Walters to ask that question. But when Misty Handlin can’t seem to find the right answer, Luke offers a new proposal.

“Go sow your wild oats this summer, then give me your answer.”

Knowing she’s struggling with the unanswered questions regarding her first love, Misty decides to do just that. Maybe some time with the man who stole her heart all those years ago will finally quell whatever is holding her back from Luke.

Kellin Patel was forced to leave Misty behind when he was twelve years old. While the U-Haul pulled away from the only place that felt like a home, he wasn’t sure if he’d see her again. As the years went by, and time never seemed to be on his side, he finally began to accept he would never have another chance with Misty.

Now, all grown up, Misty is back and looking for one last wild summer with Kellin. Though their lives have continued to move in opposite directions, they’ll realize one thing has Always remained the same: They’ve both been holding on to the memory of first love and unspoken regret.

Who will Misty choose to spend Forever with?


One word to describe this book, AMAZING! I absolutely loved it, adored it, and can’t wait to read more. Cheryl McIntyre tells one heart-felt story and if you have read the other three books in the series, you will fall right back in with these characters who are becoming family and friends.

So this story is about Misty and if you know Misty she and Kellin have had a back and forth game where it just never seems to be the right time for them. Kellin and Misty don’t talk for about three years and then suddenly, life and decisions bring them back together. Luke proposes to Misty but Misty can’t say yes because she has Kellin the back of her mind as her forever “what-if”. So Luke gives Misty the summer to decide and then he wants an answer at the end of summer. A reunion between Misty and Kellin ensues and let me just say, I love it!

I love how Misty is no longer the sweet and innocent 18 year old we used to know. Also there is plenty of giggles and laughter along the way, at 59% I was laughing out loud at “Nesquik”. In my opinion, this reference was a moment of pure genius for Cheryl McIntyre. At 74% I was wondering what was going to happen, there were too many questions remained and not enough book to have all of them answered. The book ends with a cheesy grin on my face. If you are worried about all the beloved previous book characters, you get to attend not one but two weddings! What can I say I am a sucker for a happy ending!

I love these characters, you also meet some new faces like Roh and Sadie, Kellin and Misty’s best friends, respectively. I think they might have their own story in the future…fingers crossed! If you have never read the Sometimes Never Series, you are missing out and you need to go check it out now!


My loyalty lies with the guy responsible for my orgasms.



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