Review: Angelhood by AJ Cattapan


Seventeen-year-old theater geek Nanette believes her life is headed toward stardom on Broadway. But when her dream theater college rejects her and her best friend dies in a terrible accident, Nanette decides the world would be better off without her. Unfortunately, the afterlife offers something less than a heavenly situation. Trapped between alternating periods of utter darkness and light, Nanette is stuck following a high school freshman around. Soon, she learns she’s a guardian angel, and the only way she can earn her wings is to keep her young charge, Vera, from committing the same sin she did—taking her own life.

Unfortunately, Nanette is missing more than just her wings. She has no tangible body or voice, either. Frustrated by her inability to reach out to Vera and haunted by memories of her old life, Nanette wants to give up, but then she sees what happens when another Guardian at the high school turns his back on his charge. The shock is enough to supercharge Nanette’s determination. She’s going to find peace in the afterlife…as soon as she can convince Vera that living is what life is all about.


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This book was a light, quick read but truly left me wanting more. The story starts off slow, and it took to about 57% to fully grasp my full interests. While I know I should feel compassion for Nanette, for the first half of the book I found myself annoyed with her and irritated by her selfishness. I struggled to relate to Vera, but that might be because I came from a small school where everyone knows everyone. There was no reject table in the cafeteria and even the loners have friends. So I struggled to form a connection with a character so disconnected from myself.

The last half of the book was captivating, I was drawn in and interested. I wanted to see how things were going to play out and what happened to Nanette, Vera, and all the other secondary-characters. I enjoyed the story greatly but I didn’t like the ending. The ending felt too convenient, like of course Nanette would get an HEA. That left me disappointed because I felt like she could have had an HEA but just not the one she may have wanted and maybe that is the way it should have been. Instead she is forgiven and all is well that ends well.


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