Review: Born by Tara Brown


The world has changed.

The buildings have fallen, blown away with the winds made hot from the bombs.

The roads crumble as the forest takes back the land we stole a long time ago.

It’s only been ten years since the end but it feels like a hundred for Emma who has been alone since the beginning, surviving on the skills her crazy father forced on her.

Trust no one.

Pull the trigger.



Stay away from the other survivors

Stay away from The Infected.

She has obeyed his rules since she can remember running from the car accident that claimed his life.

But one night that all changes.

The knock at her cabin door and voice of the girl on the other side don’t make Emma help the girl.


It’s the fact the girl, Anna, is willing to die to save her wounded brother that changes everything in Emma’s world.

She finds friends and family in Anna and her brother Jake.

She feels things she thought she never would.

But like her Granny always said, ‘Everything comes at a cost. You must decide what you are willing to pay.’

For Emma that decision comes as Anna is stolen and taken to the breeder farms.

Emma knows she will pay anything to get Anna back, including her own life.


So I have been avoiding this book for some time because I have a serious love/hate relationship with Tara Brown. Her writing is phenomenal and she is truly one of my favorite authors; however, she always guts me, shocks me, and breaks me down before giving me an ending. I finally took the plunge and the only negative I found was a love triangle. Not really a fan of the who will she end up with game because knowing there are 3 books and an alternative ending means I am going to need to read them all in a day or two because it will drive me crazy otherwise.

In other news, Emma is a bad *ss who lacks social skills but makes up for it in being blunt, honest, and an excellent shot. She is truly one of a kind. You also meet all kinds of characters and people you fall in love with. Emma has a pet wolf named Leo and he guards Emma and helps her survive. There is also the military who collects people for hard labor and the breeding farms. In addition there are the others who are messed up survivors, aka kidnapping or raping. Then finally there are the infected, the people who didn’t die off when the end of the current world started. They resemble humans but really they just want to hunt people down and kill them. It was an amazing story!

The ending, oh my Lord, I immediately went and bought book 2 because how can you not when the cliff-hanger is that epic. All in all, the book lived up to the hype and I am already half-way through book 2 so I can’t wait to find out what happens next!


I am the hero of my own story.



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