Review: Breakdown by Amanda Lance


Charlotte Ferro is about to jump.

Yet nothing ruins a perfectly good suicide attempt worse than a handsome do-gooder. After William O’Reilly convinces her to take one last ride with him, Charlotte finds herself forgetting about her own problems and enjoying a world of which she never dreamed.

Now addicted to the rush of fast cars and cool criminals, Charlotte finds herself leaning less towards the ledge and more toward the arms of her savior. But with reasons of his own for keeping Charlotte safe from herself, William is reluctant to involve her in his criminal undertakings. Will his career choice keep them apart? Will Charlotte’s painful past?


This book was a nice read, something different and refreshing in the New Adult genre. Normally you see drugs, cutting, eating disorder but I really enjoyed that this book didn’t feature any of these things but something completely different and unique. Charlotte is a broken mess and both her friends and mom’s insensitivity to the situation infuriates me. I can see how Charlotte has hit rock bottom and she believes her only option is down (literally).

Then cue William, who you will like instantly. He is sweet, kind, persistent, and clocked in mystery. I like that William is protective of Charlotte, despite his risky activities. I enjoyed following this story and seeing how Charlotte and William form a friendship but more importantly, I enjoyed Charlotte’s journey to healing herself. Overall, I would give this 3.5 stars and since this is book 1 in the series, I definitely believe it the next book will be even better.


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