Review: Buried by Trisha Leigh


Gypsy and her friends may still be reeling from the information overload after learning more about who they are, not to mention the losses they sustained, but between the government, the Olders, and the Siphons, they have little time to rest.

After the Siphons force Pollyanna to commit a horrific crime on live television, the Cavies know they have to focus on not only getting her back, but by bringing the group of rogues to justice once and for all. The deeper they get into the world of experiments and government conspiracies, the clearer it is that there’s no one to trust but themselves – any maybe they can’t even trust that, anymore.

With their talents developing, their relationships changing, and millions of lives hanging in the balance, can the Cavies find a way to convince the world that they’re more than what’s been done to them? If they can’t, they’ll the ones who will spend their lives locked in padded cells…and the truth will be buried with them.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

I would like to title this book Jude’s Redemption. I don’t even know where to start because I am feeling a ridiculous amount of feels for characters that I thought I wasn’t emotionally attached to. So as the trend seems to be in Trisha Leigh’s writing, the first 72% of the book is spent with more questions than answers. You can tell that everything is building up to this epic battle/confrontation and you learn that it comes down to the original vision that Gypsy had of Jude. It is building up this moment, the air is thick with tension as a battle rages around.

Then, BAM! I am punched right in the feels at 90% and I cry. I legitimately shed tears and it is a combination of joy and sorrow. This book was definitely a lot more cut throat than the previous book. There is a war waging and lives are lost. Moments are gained and that last 10% legitimately tore me apart. I was worried but overcome with joy and hope. This book was definitely the best in the series, Trisha truly saved the best for last. I also like that the ending gave all the answers I had been desperately seeking but also left the open the potential that more stories are to come.


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