Review: Caged In Winter by Brighton Walsh


In this emotional and sexy New Adult debut from Brighton Walsh, the only thing more frightening than commitment is hope……

Aspiring chef Cade Maxwell is immediately, viscerally attracted to Winter Jacobson. But it’s not her mouthwatering curves he’s drawn to—it’s the strange emptiness in her eyes. When Cade saves her from a drunken customer with grabby hands, he’s shocked at her response……

Winter doesn’t need Cade’s help. After a lifetime of getting by on her own, she’s happy to rely on herself. She’s exactly seventy-six days away from graduating college, and if she can hold it together that long, she’ll finally be able to rise above the crappy hand she was dealt.

But now, every time she turns around, Cade is there, ready to push her, smile at her, distract her from her plans. Winter knows she can’t afford to open up—especially to a man she’s terrified to actually want….


I am having a lot of mixed feelings regarding this book, but the more I think about it, the more I am left feeling disappointed. Unfortunately for me, this book fell flat. While the cover is absolutely gorgeous, and the synopsis had me excited, the story itself and the journey the characters take didn’t draw me in. Allow me to better explain, for me, I felt like these characters were one dimensional, I didn’t sympathize or connect with Winter. Cade, while briefly described as gorgeous, he was overbearing and freakishly persistent in his pursuit of Winter. There relationship left me with alot to be desired, I just wasn’t captivated by them in any way, shape or form.

The story was meh for me, it wasn’t so awful that I stopped reading but it wasn’t pulling me in, the way I had hoped. I actually found myself more interested in the secondary characters, like Cage’s sister (Tess) and his best friend Jase than I was invested in the couple the story centered around. I was also disappointed by the lack of growth and character development. Within the last 25-30 pages it was like Winter had a miracle and then everything just magically resolved itself. There was so much build up and drama and then no crescendo, it just sorta fizzled out. I think I will give Tess’s book a go, with the hopes that it is better than this and then make my verdict on the author.


“Winter’s a closed book. A journal with a thousand entries, shut tight and padlocked.”


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