Review: Crazy Girl by B.N. Toler


Romance author Hannah Bircham had made it. She was living the dream; a successful writing career, a loving husband, and dream home. Life couldn’t get better.

But it could get worse.
And it did.

The dream ended. And life as she knew it took a turn into Destitute City, party of one. Divorced, lost, and worst of all, a neurotic anxiety-ridden mess, Hannah’s focus and admirations disappeared. Feeling down on her luck, Hannah lost her mojo, her gift of writing.

How did one write about love when they’d stopped believing in it?

Hannah could either make up the perfect muse, or make it her mission to meet him. She just needed a little push. With encouragement from her best friend, Hannah decided to join a dating app, convinced she wouldn’t find Mr. Forever, but maybe, at the very least, she’d find her inspiration.

A muse.

Enter Wren Marner.

The complicated, sexy alpha veteran with his trunk of accomplishments and adventures walked, talked, and looked as if he’d just stepped out of a sultry romance novel. He was every woman’s fantasy and at the same time, the man one knew they should stay away from.

Filled with equal parts fear and fascination, Hannah threw caution to the wind, but what she experienced terrified her like never before.

Still, she forged forward.

But with all the wonder of Wren also came a reality Hannah didn’t know how to handle. She told herself he was merely work, but the truth was she was falling for him. And that couldn’t happen. But walking away from him wasn’t possible either, when he was her muse.

With her future on the line, she had to decide: As she entered the next chapter in her life, did she delve deeper with Wren in hopes of saving her career, or run in hopes of saving her heart?


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

Honestly, I just don’t know where B.N. Toler and mine’s relationship went so wrong. For a while there, I was devouring and loving everything she put out but as of 2017, I just can’t get behind any of her new work and Crazy Girl was no exception, seriously this story was crazy and not in a good way. So there is a fine line and distinct difference from writing an outlandish lead to writing just non-sense and this book was utter non-sense.

Hannah honestly left me speechless, she was giving me whip-lash from her mood swings. There was no fluidity to her as a character she was either running scalding hot or ice cold, but her monologue never really explained or justified how she acted. This resulted in no character growth or development, she was just moody, b*tchy, immature, and fickle. As a result, her attitude bleed into her relationship with Wren, resulting in a yo-yo effect. She would pull him in and then push him away.

Why in the ever loving h*ll Wren decided to put up with this for the majority of the story is unknown to me. Now the synopsis makes it seem like the story is going to heavily focus on Hannah writing her new novel, but it more so focuses on the chaos that is Hannah. In addition, there are too many secondary characters in the story, to the point where they had several separate little plots. I felt like this time could have been better used to evolve the main characters. I am just really disappointed in this story and Toler’s writing as of lately…


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