Review: Cursing the Moon by Emma Nichols


Savannah Silver has met her mate.

Her wolf has chosen, but the Alpha who can silence others with a look and command her pack with a word has been refused. While she waits for him to come to his senses, Savvy works to find her parents’ killers, rebuild the homestead and ensure Shelby’s future.

Quinn Holderman has met his match.

Being part wolf and part husky has always been a disadvantage. Becoming a rogue was his only hope for happiness. Then Quinn met Savvy. In his mind, his reasons for denying her made perfect sense. In reality, he has suffered every second they are apart.

He needed more time. She needed her mate. Together, they’re cursing the moon.


I devoured this book, a great quick sequel to the first book. While I am still seeking more fluidity in the emotional aptitude of characters, cough, cough Savvy and Quinn, I am beginning to understand the rushed decisions more. It seems as though the wolf is an instantaneous bond and they have no control over the feelings of the wolf. Yet in their human form, they are all a hot mess. They are either scorching hot or ice cold and there is absolutely no middle ground.

In terms of the plot, I am loving all the twists and turns of being in a pack and having other packs around. It seems like there is a lot being placed on Savvy’s shoulders, not only does she need a mate, she also has to run a pack, mourn her parents, and prove to other Alphas that she is more than capable of being in charge. Not to mention deceit and betrayal in her own pack. So this plot kept me on my toes and I still don’t know how things are going to play out and I enjoy the romance aspect of it. Off to the last book I go…fingers crossed for an HEA!


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