Review: Dark Surrender by Rachel Van Dyken


I grew up as a prince…
And lead the life of a King.
There isn’t anyone or anything that doesn’t want me, that isn’t attracted to me. They can’t help it. And I sure as hell don’t want them to. I live for their lust, I crave touch like an addiction, I make them beg on their knees for one, simple, caress.
As a male siren it’s my job to feed off emotion.
And I was happy to do it.
I am happy to do it.
What I’m not happy about? Being told I have to mate with some withering human and stay loyal to that one person for the next few centuries. There’s a war coming and being the idiot I am–I offered to take one for the team in order to help a friend.
Now my sexual appetite is taking a freaking kick in the nuts.
And I’m left wondering if it’s worth it.
If she’s worth it, with messy hair and dirty human hands.
But I have a world to save.
A job to do.
Now, if only, she would just let me do it rather than fighting me at every turn. I’ve lived lifetimes as the most irresistible being on the planet.
Only to meet my match.
With one.
They say hells hot. They’re wrong.
Because Hope, my little human, is way hotter.
And before this is over–she may just singe me alive.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

It feels weird to see Alex as anything other than a sex God…am I alone in this opinion? Now I know this book can be read as a stand-alone but for the love of all things holy, please read the entire series because they are all fantastic. So that being said, I see Alex as my sexy, man-whore siren. Then bam, Rachel starts throwing all this history at me and then the feels follow. It went from being a story about a siren finding love to being a story about how to find love even when you feel unwanted by everything.

Alex turns out to be really hard on himself and this broke my heart. While you still get some of the laugh out loud humor I reserve for Rachel’s books, it was still so much more than that. It’s almost prophetic, his failure is his fate, and it doesn’t get more beautiful than that. Hope is a wild card, and I think she brings some extra fire and spunk to the team and can I just say how excited I am to find out that there are still 2 more books coming out in this series?! Hell yes…but next up will be my giant wolf softy…Mason. Through the course of Dark Surrender, we also find out a lot about Mason and I can’t wait for more.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, it was an extremely fast read…maybe 2-3 hours for me an its a light read. It won’t follow me around or leave me with a book hangover, and I think everyone needs these kinds of reads at some point.


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