Review: Darkest Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken


I’m a werewolf King who chose to step down out of grief for my mate.
For centuries I’ve been alone, choosing to live a life of modesty despite the wealth surrounding me.
I deserve to be punished.
I crave things I have no business craving.
And it is manifesting itself in a way I’m terrified I won’t be able to control any longer.
Especially since she arrived.
Vampire. Orphan. Beaten beyond recognition.
My blood calls to her in a way that makes no sense.
I’m a wolf.
She’s a vampire.
The two don’t mate.
They barely tolerate one another.
All it takes is one slip of control on my part — one taste.
And I doom us all.
Then again, I never knew what is lurking inside has the power to balance good and evil.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

This series is like a fine wine, it gets better with age…or in Rachel Van Dyken’s case it gets better the deeper the series gets. I can’t say how refreshing this book was, I forgot how enchanting these characters are. For being a bunch of fallen angels, vampires, wolves, and sirens, they are sure relate-able! I think this is something that I always praise Rachel for but she excels at writing real characters, I feel like I fall into the story and I am there in the pages watching the scene unfold in front of me instead of in my head.

The gang is all back in this book with Alex being silly, Cassius ready to take someone’s head off, and Hope being her sweet as candy self. I was hypnotized by these characters but lets me get to Mason. Cue the swooning and drooling, Mason is just as perfect as I expected! The wolf was giving Ethan a run for his money as my favorite but I just decided I am keeping them both! Also hello Mason’s Scottish accent, nice to meet you. I will gladly bow down to that accent.

Serenity is a different kind of character and while I like her, she was just there. Her story is kind of intertwined with Mason’s but the real story is about Mason. Which I am grateful for because lets be honest, he totally deserves to the the center of the world for once.

The plot is tense and filled with so many twists and turns that if the romance doesn’t keep you hooked, learning how complex Mason and Serenity’s histories are will. This is what I will define as a could not put you down book! I devoured it and what can I say, I am a sucker for some paranormal reads…especially from The Dark Ones. I am so excited its not ending here and there is still another book.


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