Review: Death by Social Suicide by Kat Daemon


The night Brittany Wakefield kissed her best friend, Jaime, she lost everything. Who knew one amazing moment could send him running— spinning a web of deceit and avoidance for two years. Stepping onto campus, she’s ready to win him back, even if it involves pledging a sorority she has no interest in.

Erik Draxton fell hard for Brit the moment she walked into the art room. With vibrant purple hair, music in her veins and a rebellious flair, she’s all he’s ever wanted.

While Jaime shrouds himself in secrets, Brit finds herself longing even more to be a part of his world. Unable to watch the girl of his dreams get tossed to the side, Erik decides to take matters into his own hands. But when Erik crosses a line, Brit feels backed into a corner, and discovering Jaime’s secret leaves her devastated.

With a shattered heart from Jaime, and the risk of losing Erik on the horizon, she knows one thing: navigating the social circles can be a suicide mission.


This book was adorable, sweet, funny, and refreshing. I was giggling the entire time and it just made me happy, it is that simple, this book made me happy. Being fresh out of graduate school, I wished my college experience went as awesome as Brittany. I can relate to Brittany on so many levels, mostly that paying for friendships via a sorority is a joke and just trying to figure out what it is you exactly want from life.

Brittany is a bad *ss, plan and simple. I loved her and she was really the spice of life for this witty read. Jaime was a complex puzzle I was solving as I continued to read and Erik was a tall glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. I absolutely loved Erik, I want an Erik in my life! I will take one of everyone to go please, make it happen Kat! In conclusion, you want a sweet, witty, light read that makes you happy??? The answer is yes, so read this!



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