Review: Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken


Cursed, numb, rejected, scorned, wicked, sinister, dark, twisted…my name is Tex Campisi and this is my legacy. I killed my father in cold blood and lost my soul right along with him.

I crave war more than peace, and I’m about to take my place in history as the youngest Capo dei Capi in the Cosa Nostra…that is until someone stops me, saves me from myself.

But the only person able to do that…is my best friends sister, Mo Abandanato, and she just ripped my heart out and asked me to hold it in my hands while she put bullets through it.

I’m cursed so I did it.

I’m numb so I held it.

I’m wicked so I liked it.

I used the pain Mo caused as a catalyst to turn into my biggest nightmare–the five families greatest enemy. It’s my turn to take a stand, knowing full well I’m going to lose my mind to the madness that is the American Mafia. I’ve always been told Blood is thicker than life. I wish I would have listened. Because regardless of who you love? You will betray. You will kill.

Blood Always Wins.

The only way out is death…yours.

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Family.


I am so deep into the mafia, these books own me. This book was dark, deep, possessive, controlling, manipulative, and twisted…everything I wanted from Tex and Mo and more. I loved Tex and I have been dying to get to his story. I love the violence, gun fighting, plot twisting, and craziness these books throw at me. I wish Rachel Van Dyken would write me into the mafia world, I would gladly accept my one way ticket.

Mo was a hell of a lot stronger than I initially took her for. In the beginning she was semi-ditzy and overprotective. Elicit brought her into a whole new light and she is a complete bad-*ss and the fact that she can throw knives just ups her level of awesome in my book. I loved how Mo and Tex were meant to be together since childhood and they were fiercely protect of each other. I loved how heated their relationship is.

I will also mention this book is about some serious redemption, redemption that I thought wasn’t even possible. Lives are lost and I teared up a little and dang, I can’t give out any spoilers but the twists were brilliantly executed, just read these books already!


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