Review: Fakers by Meg Collett

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Kyra Aberdeen is a Youtube sensation. Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture the hearts of millions each week through her videos. But she’s just faking it. Because beneath the surface is a simmering darkness that threatens to pull Kyra under some days. She masks her depression with a sunny smile and bright laugh.

When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother’s childhood home, she is hoping to confront the lurking darkness that haunts her every step. But life never goes according to plan, and when Kyra meets her grumpy contractor, Hale Cooper, it seems he’s not going to make things any easier for her. Yet Kyra is drawn to him, to a man whose every emotion plays across his face as he feels it. But she’s never let herself get too close to anyone before, and she finds herself in uncharted waters.

If she lowers her guard and allows herself to love Hale, will the darkness creep in too?


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

*Review Contains Spoilers*

This was a sweet, touching read. Lets first start off with the characters’ names, so unique and refreshing for a novel. I love names that are different but simple enough for me to pronounce. So the main character, Kyra struggles with depression and as a result of depression, she copes by cutting. Now from the perspective of cutting and depression, Meg Collett hit the emotions and feelings that go along with these directly on the head. Her descriptions are accurate and prefect. That being said, it really bothered me that Kyra moved to a new area and didn’t take the initiative to find a new therapist seriously. She just kept putting it off, and putting it off.

Then there is the mysterious, sexy Hale Cooper. Kyra seems to have no relationship experience and minimal intimacy experience, but she willingly throws herself into Hale and quickly loses her virginity to him. This was a red flag for me, instead of focusing on therapy, she decides to focus on a man. Another major concern is every tie there is intimacy…it seems to be unprotected. The entire book is building up to this monumental moment, which you can probably predict and then comes the light epilogue that leaves you with a smile on your face. So mixed feelings leave this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars for me.



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