Review: Healing the Heart by Emma Nichols


Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes love can’t conquer all. Sometimes healing a heart takes time.

Quinn doesn’t have time. Instead, what he has is a looming deadline. The mating must take place by the full moon or not at all. He thought he had made up his mind. He thought he could live with his decision. Then Savvy disappeared.

Savvy is an all or nothing kind of girl. She needs a strong mate, a decisive mate, a loving and supportive mate. Unfortunately, Quinn refused to be that mate. Losing him was breaking her heart. Staying busy was her only coping mechanism. Ignoring her needs and focusing on the pack helped her find everything she ever needed.

Sometimes the threat of losing everything can change minds and hearts. Sometimes the promise of a better future and a determined mate can heal a heart in record time.


This was the perfect conclusion this this series, with a few lingering questions. I loved how everything seamlessly came together. I wasn’t expecting things to play out the way they did and this unpredictability had me unable to put the story down. I enjoyed Savvy’s fierce independence and how she is forcing change among the pack(s). I was also happy to see conclusion and closure to some the secondary characters whom I have enjoyed seeing peeks of here and there.

Quinn really became my favorite and I was cheering him on the entire time. Savvy really came into her own this book and I enjoyed her determination and how she was loyal and protective of the pack, she was very mature about very hard situations. There was only one lingering question that was left…what the heck happened to James and that whole deal?! I need an answer, oh and a word of wisdom…penises should never impale during sex. Fin.


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