Review: Hello, Privet! #1 by Maria Malonzo

SYNOPSIS:Hello, Privet!

Sophie Rosenbaum and Anton Akhmerov have one thing in common: they can’t stand each other.

Sparks fly, tempers flare and cultures clash when the quirky Sophie is hired to become the PR assistant of the Russian Bad Boy of Tennis, a former world number 1 more famous for his fiery temper and for dating supermodels than winning Grand Slams. The Russian may just have met his match in the feisty Sophie… that is—if they don’t kill each other first.

Sophie Rosenbaum, a 21-year old former child prodigy and now Harvard dropout, wants to prove to everyone that she’s “okay.” Her plan: become independent from her well-meaning but smothering family by getting an internship at Bergstrom & Bergstrom PR, which coincidentally ran her stepfather’s gubernatorial campaign. What she didn’t plan on is the plot twist who walks right into her life (or rather, her psychotherapist brother’s waiting room) in the person of Anton Akhmerov, more commonly known as The Russian Bad Boy of Tennis.

Anton Akhmerov, five-time Grand Slam champion (except for Wimbledon, which continues to elude him), seems to have everything—money, fame, and a supermodel girlfriend—except his ranking has fallen to 200 after a shoulder injury. The only thing he cares about is becoming number one again. His manager tries everything to help him get his head on straight: first there’s psychotherapy to deal with his racket-breaking problem; and then there’s that devochka, Sophie Rosenbaum, who thinks he’s nothing more than an entitled, self-conceited jock.

They might be from different worlds, but as their paths cross, they find their lives inevitably changing in new and unexpected ways.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

Two words to describe this book, unique and interesting. So I want to get my biggest book pet peeve out of the way with this story and that is the fact that there are no character descriptions. There is very minimal describing how the characters look, the most you get is socialite and tennis player. So you have to do a lot of painting the image in your head. In addition, there are terms used that I assume are Russian I am not familiar with them so every once in a while you are left wondering what the heck a word means.

Otherwise the story was every interesting. I wanted to read more and learn more about Sophie and Anton. The writing was definitely completely different from what I am used to but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It was refreshing and written in a completely different ton from traditional writing. Overall, once I moved past not having character descriptions I enjoyed the story and would definitely read book 2.



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