Review: If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson


When sixteen-year-old Jill Whitaker’s mom walks out—with a sticky note as a goodbye—only Jill knows the real reason she’s gone. But how can she tell her father? Jill can hardly believe the truth herself.

Suddenly, the girl who likes to fix things—cars, relationships, romances, people—is all broken up. Used to be, her best friend, tall, blond and hot flirt Sean Addison, could make her smile in seconds. But not anymore. They don’t even talk.

With nothing making sense, Jill tries to pick up the pieces of her life. But when a new guy moves in next door, intense, seriously cute, but with scars—on the inside and out—that he thinks don’t show, Jill finds herself trying to make things better for Daniel. But over one long, hot Arizona summer, she realizes she can’t fix anyone’s life until she fixes her own. And she knows just where to start . . .


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I really liked the concept of this story, but the execution could have been better. There was just simply too much going on, there was drama between Jill and her mom, drama between Jill and Sean, drama between Jill and Daniel, drama between Jill and her dad and all these separate mini-plots seemed to get muddled. I felt like Abigail could have really focused on one life crushing change but instead there were multiple changes occurring and in the end none of the drama got the build up and climax it deserved.

The characters are well developed and personable. Jill’s mom is an awful person who deserves to rot in the deepest depths of hell. I mean, her mother is seriously messed up and in turn messes Jill up. Jill’s dad is a rock and funny, protective parent. I wish that all teenagers can have the type of relationship Jill has with her dad, dependable, stable, and always a solid rock in your/her life. Jill’s friends are truly great, they are kind, self-less, and witty as hell.

I wanted to love this story, but it was just okay. For me, there was just too much going on and I would have preferred a better focal point to the plot line. In the end though, Jill does fix her life so I can’t be too terribly disappointed with a happily ever after.


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