Review: I’m Yours by Melody Grace


Artist Mackenzie Lane is almost thirty and still single, which, according to her neighbors, pretty much makes her the Spinster of Sweetbriar Cove. She’s sworn off terrible fix-ups, and is looking forward to her solo future of woolly mumus and cats. (Lots of cats). But a chance Halloween rendezvous awakens her reckless spirit, and makes her wonder if love might be in the cards, after all…

Jake Nash is back in town for the first time in years, recovering from a career-ending sports injury. He’s dazzled by the mysterious woman he meets by chance – and even more intrigued when he discovers it’s his high-school friend Mackenzie.

Ten years ago, Jake was the first (and only) guy to put a dent in Mackenzie’s invincible heart. She’s determined not to make the same mistake again, but when the pair are forced to team up to plan the annual Starbright Festival, old sparks fly – and new passion runs riot.

Soon, Mackenzie and Jake are risking it all. But will their connection last longer than the first snowfall? And can these old friends start a new chapter for love? Find out in the sizzling, romantic new novel from New York Times bestselling author Melody Grace!


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

I feel a deep remorse towards this book and series. I keep picking each of these up and hope for something different but I am left feeling meh. So let me go back to the beginning, I am talking 2013! This is the year when I first stumbled upon Melody Grace, and where romance books (in my humble opinion) were finally catching their break into mainstream. Now this started with her Beachwood Bay series which was sweet, endearing, and full of small town charm. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

My biggest problem with the Sweetbriar Cove series is that its been 4 years now of reading Melody Grace’s books…and she hasn’t grown as an author. She has become stagnant in my mind. I want characters who are going to give me a book hangover and break my heart. Mac and Jake don’t do that, and while these quick, HEA romances were fine years ago, I want to see growth and development and I am not getting that.

I read half of the book in a day and I woke up the next morning and couldn’t even recall Mac or Jake’s names. This to me was a bad sign because that means the characters and the story are forgettable. I was hoping to be caught up in Mac and Jake, I really liked Mac as a character since she was first introduced during the series but their relationship was disappointing. I was more interested in the side characters than the main characters. Which is sad because when I read the first chapter, I was excited. I though that Melody Grace was finally going to “go there” and push outside of her cushy romance setting but alas it was a let down.

The only redeeming qualities are the meddling elders in town and how town gossip spreads so fast. I think there is just an emotional disconnect. Something is getting lost in translation and her beta-reviewers are too nice to say anything. While I see what emotions the characters are feeling, the problem is the characters are not making me feel those emotions. When drama occurs between Jake and Mac, I wasn’t devastated but checking to see how much more of the book is left to read. And based off of that, I wouldn’t recommend this book or series to a friend.


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