Review: In Deeper by Kella McKinnon

SYNOPSIS: N/Aindeeperfinal


This book is the sequel to In Deep and I recommend the story is read in order. It picks up right where book 1 left off and Cristos and Brielle are in for a whirlwind. While I don’t find these situations to be extremely realistic the book is still a great read! You find deceit, deception, drug lords, twisted love, heartbreaks and a happily-ever after.

Cristos is still trying to escape the drug cartel but the harder he tries to hid this from Brielle, the more they are divided. Brie is well aware that Cristos has his secrets and rules but the real question is how long will she wait for Cristos to be ready to share these things with her. Things eventually come to a head and blow up. Then there are twists, turns, kidnappings, betrayal, and unplanned-unexpected events that will leave your jaw on the floor. In the end will Cristos be able to cut his ties from the cartel in time to savage his relationship? Check out this book to find out!




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