Review: It Was Me by Anna Cruise


All West Montgomery wanted was a vacation. A week-long stay in Tucson with Abby and her parents, a chance to get away for the week, the opportunity to get to know her family a little better and maybe carve out a little alone time with his girlfriend.

What he doesn’t count on is finding a way to resume his baseball career.

Encouraged by Abby and her father to attend a MLB open tryout, West discovers that he can still play ball—well—and he suddenly becomes the hottest commodity on the field. Overwhelmed with offers and possibilities, West knows that whatever choice he makes will affect more than his baseball career. It will affect his future with Abby.

Professional baseball was always his dream, but Abby was a new dream come true. He doesn’t want to choose between them, but in order to fulfill one of those dreams, West will have to.

Because he knows it’s all on him.


I have so many mixed emotions with this book. First off, frustration comes to mind. The entire book you know that something is wrong, something is sketchy and off but you don’t find out until 60-70%. Do you know how painful it is to know that the entire plot revolves around this one thing and you don’t find it until the end of the book?! It is AWEFUL, but by that point, I was spent and p*ssed and just wanted to know what was going on because I am that kinda reader, just be straight with me, my emotions can handle it!

Prior to the reveal of the twist, Abby and West have things going great for them. I love there plans, and I am hopefully for a happily ever after. Access denied.

So you finally find out what happens, which by the way wasn’t what I thought. After this huge plot twist is revealed, I think that Mr. and Mrs. Seller are selfish, I thought that Abby was being stupid, irrational, and childish, and Annika, while I loathe her, she kinda redeemed herself (at least a little bit). West, was well being West. In a surprise twist I really enjoyed the momentary banter between Tana and Griffin, I would like to see where that is going. I hope book 3 settles my emotions but I am not sure what Anna Cruise has left to throw at me.



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