Review: Keep Breathing by Alexia Purdy

SYNOPSIS:Keep Breathing

‘The past doesn’t define me. It’s just a place I’ve been.’

Seth Kingston is back in town with years of regrets. Regrets for the way he left things with Penny, the hurt he caused her, and the future they could have had together. He had his reasons and now all he wants is to make amends and have a second chance at love.

But Penny wants no part of what he’s offering. She’s accepted that life is hard, love is an illusion, and you can’t trust men. Especially men named Seth Kingston. And yet… he’s so tender with her. He’s patient, and caring.

Is it possible that he’s changed? Can they really try again?

The past has a tendency to embed its vicious talons deep into a heart, never to let go again. Penny has enough tragedy to last lifetimes and isn’t willing to let anyone scale her walls.

Can real love survive anything, even an unforgiving past?


This book was such a heart-warming read. It was real and relate-able. Most books have trials and tribulations that are unrealistic; however, Keep Breathing was realistic. I could see myself in Penny’s situation where a love walks out of your life and then suddenly reappears years later to try to win you back. Penny is stubborn but accepting, while Seth is the perfect contrast of redemption and determination. It is a light, refreshing read if you are looking for a break from something dark and heavy.

The book expands beyond that of Penny and Seth. You will also fall in love with secondary characters like Joss (Penny’s best friend) and two other people called Leah and Cam. These two little cuties steal the show! Overall, Alexia Purdy is a phenomenal author, whether writing in the Young Adult genre or venturing into New Adult. I could even see this book being expanded into a branch book that would maybe focus on Joss finding love and I could hear more about Seth and Penny? Oh well, a girl can dream.



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