Review: Keepers by Meg Collett


Stevie Reynolds was a buzz-worthy reality star before moving to Canaan Island to escape Los Angeles and her fame-hungry parents. But not all her demons, like her penchant for wine and bad decisions, are escapable.

Completely broke and fresh out of rehab after her DUI, Stevie gets an offer from her hotshot LA ex to star in his home renovation show with Canaan’s favorite son, Cade Cooper. Stevie returns to the reality business for Cade, who’s relying on the show to help pay for his mother’s cancer treatments.

Stevie refuses to break Cade’s sensitive heart, but she can’t keep herself from falling for his kind smile and easy laugh. When the producers push her to risk her shaky sobriety and Cade’s credibility for the sake of ratings, Stevie is ready to quit—until her ex threatens to reveal an intimate secret from her past.

If her secret is leaked, Stevie will lose everything she loves on Canaan Island, including Cade.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

Meg Collett is really refining and honing in on her contemporary romance writing skills, and this book shows it. The sex scenes still lack something to be desired, but the kisses and intimate moments stolen between Cade and Stevie are tantalizing. While I didn’t hate anything in this story, the book left me wanting more. I want more moments of giggling, more of heartbreak, and more of swooning. It’s the type of story that is a nice,quick read but I will forget about it once I close my Kindle. Cade is dreamy and swoony, and while you find that he struggles with living in Hale’s shadow, it was inspiring to see him come into his own and truly own his character.

Stevie, like in Fakers, took some time to warm up to. She is reckless, brash, and plows forward with a lack of care and consequences; however, upon second analysis, she cares a lot on her shoulders. I think she is struggling with guilt over poor decisions and a constant fear of messing up. This follows her around like a black cloud. I will say, there were plot twists and stories I didn’t expect, or see coming. The story wraps up nicely and the secondary characters that are newly introduced are endearing and silly. I can’t wait for Violet’s story.



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