Review: Let It Be by Cheryl McIntyre


I’m the happy one. The dependable one.

The shoulder. The anchor. The pillar. The rock. The matchmaker.

I’m the one you call when you’ve had a bad day. When you need to vent, or scream, or cry. I will always be there to comfort you. It’s a gift. A talent. A role I’ve happily played. I’ve helped my friends become who they were meant to be. I’ve watched them move away, find love, start their lives.

But what about me?

When does my life start? Where is my happily-ever-after?

My name is Guy Handlin, and this is my story.

*This novella is a New Adult M/M romance. Recommended for 17+ due to harsh language, sexual situations, and adult themes.

**Let It Be is a companion novella to the Sometimes Never series, however, it can be read as a stand-alone book.

***Please note this novella deals with dark subject matter.


With a heavy heart and tearful eyes, this book was bittersweet. I loved hearing Guy’s story because he deserved one, unfortunately this is the end of the Sometimes Never Series, which I have come to love and adore. Guy and Ian tell the story about how hard it is to be openly gay in the real world, how it feels to hide who you are, and most of all, how it feels to let your inner demons consume you. This story is as much Guys as it is Ians and you learn about both there struggles and hardships.

If anyone of the Sometimes Never group deserves a happily ever after, it is Guy. He is the support system, the voice of reason, and the guidance in the darkest places. Ian makes alot of mistakes but in the end he realizes harboring and hiding will never work, it will only drag you deeper. This story also gives you sneaks of the other members of the gang and was an excellent conclusion to the series. With a heavy heart I bid adieu to these characters who hold a place in my heart.



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