Review: Living the Dream by Lyla Payne


An unfortunate and embarrassing incident that precipitated Audra Stuart’s breakup last winter sent her scurrying for cover, unwilling to show her face again at Whitman University. When her roommate Blair Paddington tracks her down and learns what happened, she convinces Audra that letting her jackass ex win is not the answer…but that maybe going to Sebastian Blair for help just might be.

Sebastian has established a reputation of being the guy without scruples—the one who can get you what you want, no questions asked. For a price.

His price for Audra Stuart? Pretend to be his girlfriend so he can legitimize himself and maybe snag a job from one of his “friends” before graduation.

To get her friends (and his) to buy the ruse the two of them have to get in deep—so deep that they forget they’re supposed to be pretending. Sebastian Blair is about to fall hard, but he can’t help but worry.

Because the girl he loves is bound to learn he was behind the incident that sent her tumbling his direction in the first place.


Such an excellent story but so sad to see the Whitman University series come to an end. These are characters I fell in love with and lets just say this was Sebastian’s road to redemption. Sebastian is a con man, trouble maker and I just flat out hated him…until this book. Over the progression of the story I slowly started to like Sebastian and dare I say it, I was swooning for him at the end?! I know it is a shocker, especially if you read the other 4 books, you know Sebastian is a special kind of evil.

Cue Audra. In my mind, Audra was always that annoying, needy, over-protected character who lacked a backbone. In this book, Audra really finds herself and finds her voice and I was so happy to see her blossom into the strong character I know she had the potential to be. There is also a wedding!! Whose, will not be said, you need to read the book for that but in the end, this was a phenomenal ending to an amazing series. Can’t wait to see what Lyla Payne has up her sleeves next!



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