Review: Lost in La La Land by Tara Brown


What if you could enter the world created inside of your favorite novel?
Close your eyes and live for a day as Elizabeth Bennet or Harry Potter?
Experience every magical sentence ever written, first hand?
Escape the ordinary and live the extraordinary!

That’s the sales pitch for Dr. Emma Hartley’s dream machine, Lucid Fantasies.
The fantastical machine transports people into their favorite novels or movies, for a day.
It allows them to live as their beloved characters did, savoring the slow kisses, frightening vampires, or magic as if it were real.
Letting them forget their worries and get lost in a world of fiction.

But that wasn’t why it was created.
The dark purpose of it lies within Dr. Hartley herself.
A secret, a flaw in the machine. One that she keeps hidden away.
For some people, your greatest fantasies are also your worst nightmares.
And the line between them is finer than we think.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

The cover, from the moment Tara Brown put this cover up, I was enchanted. I read the synopsis and fell a little more in love, I was anticipating everything in my wildest bookish dreams. Unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to any of my hopes. While I was intrigued by the story line and the characters’ motives, I didn’t fall in love with it for several reasons.

First off, as a person of science, its really hard for me to justify nanobot technology and I don’t even think we will be remotely close to that much advancement by 2020 or even 2030. But then I thought, this is Tara Brown, I love everything she writes, I tried to silence the analytical part of my mind screaming about the improbability of the plot. Then the story line was set a lot in the Jane Austen book/that time era and I have a confession to make, I loathe the Austen books. I never got into them or felt the charm that so many people did. I was really hoping that the classics like Alice in Wonderland or Frankenstein would be mentioned and unfortunately they weren’t.

Finally, there is some insta-love aspect going on and sadly I did not see Dr. Hartley grow as a character, she felt one-dimensional when I met her and she continued that way throughout the story. Actually the last 20% of the book at the end of each chapter I was asking, is it done? Was that the last chapter? But the story kept going and not in the good way, I was just so disconnected from Dr. Hartley that I was over it and her. This story had so much great potential but ended up just disappointing.


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