Review: Lover’s Restored by Kelsie Leverich


A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

So much need. So much desire…

It’s been exactly ten years since Halle Morgan last set foot in her tiny hometown. Now she’s back, but only long enough to honor the memory of her best friend and try to leave the past behind her. But with one look at Cooper Bale, Halle knows there is no escape from the past—or from the man she wants like no other.

Cooper can’t let go of his painful memories, or the guilt that tore him and Halle apart. And try as he might, he can’t forget the bittersweet night they once shared. Even now, longing sizzles between them, potent and insatiable. Though blissful nights spent in Halle’s arms heal the bitterness in Cooper’s heart, they know they have no future…until they let go of the past that brought them together.


This was a cheeky, sexy, happily ever after guaranteed read. Ten years is a long time to go without seeing your first love, can love withstand the test of time for Halle and Cooper or will past drama, damage, and pain be too much to bare? Halle and Cooper have a past, an web weaved and destroyed in a matter of 24 hours. Ten years later, Halle shows up to complete a promise and runs into Cooper. From this moment on prepare yourself for the angst, emotions, and pain to come.

Hearts will be broken or maybe they were already broken to begin with. They say time heals all wounds but Cooper is struggling to let go of the past. This is the story of true love, withstanding the test of time. Its about finding love and hope in the darkest of places that your mind leads you to. Most of all, its about allowing yourself to heal and forgiving yourself for past mistakes so you can open yourself up to the future possibilities.



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