Review: Merry Christmas, Lincoln by Lindy Zart


Lincoln and Sara Walker have gone through their share of heartache, but through it all, they had one another, and that was enough to make it past the turmoil and into the calm.

But the calm has gone, and with it, Lincoln’s security that all is okay with him and his wife. Sara is keeping something from him, something big, and every day that she remains close-lipped about it is a day he wonders if her love for him is fading, if she regrets being with him.

Sara reaffirms her love for Lincoln with the greatest Christmas gift of all, a blessing so tiny, yet so significant. She shows him it is their time now, that no regrets have a place in their love, and that he will always be hers, just as she will always be his.

*This is a Take Care, Sara Novelette”


So I read Take Care, Sara awhile ago and I absolutely adored, the heartache and trials of the story. So since the novelette is titled Merry Christmas, Lincoln I thought what better time to read it than Christmas in July!

This was super sweet, quick, touching read that pleases my heart and brings a smile to my face. Its that little touch that the author reassures you that a happy ending did indeed happen that makes this read so amazing. I loved the story of Cole, Sara, and Lincoln and obviously by the cover I assume a baby is on the way. I assumed correctly and found that three years later there love is stronger than ever and they deserve a happily ever after and I am so glad they got it! If you haven’t read Take Care, Sara I highly recommend, especially if you are in the mood for something that will tear you apart, don’t worry this novelette will put you back together!





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