Review: Need Me by Tessa Bailey


When Honey Perribow traded in her cowboy boots for stilettos and left her small Kentucky town to attend Columbia University, she never expected to find a dirt-cheap apartment or two new best friends. No stranger to hard work, Honey is completely focused on her medical degree … until she sees newly minted professor Ben Dawson, and her concentration is hijacked. Honey is fascinated by her gorgeous young English professor and vows to find a crack in his tweed-wearing, glasses-clad exterior.

At an off-campus party, an accident lands Ben in a dark, locked closet with a sexy-sounding Southern belle … and their chemistry is explosive. But when he discovers that the girl in his arms is the same beautiful student he can’t stop thinking about, he is stunned. Student-teacher relationships are strictly forbidden … yet no matter how hard he tries, Ben can’t stay away from Honey.

And when his attempt to fight their attraction nearly ruins the best thing that ever happened to him, Ben will do anything to prove how much he needs her.


This book was sizzling perfection. Tessa Bailey flawlessly blends humor and sex into a witty, but steamy, book. Lets talk about Honey first and then I will segway to Ben. Honey is a hell of a character, from her brash decisions, to her take no prisoners attitude, her resilience and determination are admirable. Ben is a drop dead, steamy, sexy, chiseled masterpiece with a brain to match the body. I actually had a professor just like Ben when I was in undergrad; unfortunately, mine was my Statistics professor and he was married. Alas, it does bring back fond memories and like Honey, I was definitely getting an A in his class.

The banter between Honey and Ben is laugh out loud worth, in fact I did numerous times throughout the book. I was giggling and when my face wasn’t hurting from laughing it was hurting from blushing. Tessa takes dirty talk to a whole new level and d*mn is it hot…like please hold, I need to cool off and take a sip of my chilled wine before I can continue reading, hot.

In addition, you get to see all the members of the groups and what makes this book such a seamless read is the relate-ability of Tessa’s writing. When the girls are chatting and say something to Abby, I laugh with the characters. When Ben tells Russell to keep talking about his miserable existence because it helps Ben forget his, I also laughed but I sympathize too. These characters burrow deep under my skin and I want to hang out and be a part of the supergroup as well. When I read this book, it feels like I am.


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