Review: Nothing But Your Memories by H.B. Clementine


“I knew it. As I lie on a white bed in a white room with white light filtering in through the shade on the window, I know it has finally happened. The Shift is complete.”

The radically new lifestyle of the Alternation of Generation world has more flaws than it may seem. A young woman named Mira Cobbleson has awoken for the first time in her new “body” with a feeling of unease. The Fisk, the city she is assigned to, seems too perfect to be real, but can it be any worse than the overcrowded cities and cramped apartments of life before the Shift? She stumbles upon others who feel it is worse, and they want to escape. Mira joins forces with them, and, together, they work to find a way to freedom—but their plan may be as flawed as the city they are trapped in.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

Where do I begin my review with this book? The concept, cover, and synopsis pulled me in…I wanted to see how this unraveled. Unfortunately for me this book was a hot mess. I was over 20% into the book before an actual conversation took place, that’s right I read 1/5th of a book till I found a conversation. Otherwise you are mostly in Mira’s head. The first 20% of the book is a pity party, with Mira complaining about everything. At 23% there is an actual conversation that takes place; however, she is laughing to the point of tears at something that didn’t even make me smile and left me confused.

So as the Synopsis states, she joins forces with other people who want to escape. She suddenly drops the mental complaining and introverted attitude at 39%. It was honestly like her personality did a 360. They make radical plans to escape the city and when the plans become dangerous for one member of the group, Mira literally goes off the deep end. At 70% she becomes a crazy person, she is suddenly out for revenge on her group member because she only wants to escape the city. Mira feels that her “friendship” is worth nothing so she decides to report the person.

Then chaos ensues, it was just very random. I spend most of the book in Mira’s head because there is still not a lot of conversations. All the other characters are very one-dimensional and poorly developed in my opinion. I can’t get to know them because I am trapped with Mira. There is also a random man named Will who makes an appearance twice and you think he might be someone but he isn’t. It was just a very poorly developed book, good idea but not nearly enough support.


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