Review: Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

SYNOPSIS:Out of Breathe

“My insides still burned. I considered what I could do to push the torment back into the dark and return to my numb state. I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help. I was desperate.”

Emma Thomas is hiding. From everything and everyone…including herself. But she can’t hide forever. Her past will find her, and her secrets won’t remain quiet—not if she wants to be forgiven. Emma learns that honesty can hurt worse than betrayal, and the truth may cost her the only love she’s ever known.

The highly anticipated conclusion of The Breathing Series will have readers holding their breath until the last page.


I finally took the plunge and read the final book in this beautiful series. I have mixed feelings towards this book, essentially I had a serious love/hate relationship with Emma. The first 40% of the story I was so pissed off at Emma and yelling at her through the Kindle, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Then, my moment of reconciliation comes, hello Evan. Then the story progresses with the trials of Emma and in the end Emma seems okay, and that makes me feel better. She is finally, slowly able to move past her abusive relationships, her near death experiences, her lunatic mother, and come out a better person. This was such a beautifully written series and a define recommendation to anyone looking for a gut-wrenching trilogy!


“Living in the mistakes of your past isn’t going to do anything but destroy your future.”

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