Review: Reborn by Tara Brown

SYNOPSIS:Reborn ecover

Twenty years ago a man made a child he never intended to love.

Ten years ago the world ended and Emma turned her back on the man she believed was her father…in an attempt to survive.

Eight weeks ago she discovered the truth about her family, including the sister she never knew she had.

Last week she had her heart broken by the one man she never imagined giving it to.

Yesterday she turned her back on those she cared for in an attempt to help them survive.

Today she plans on hunting two men to the ends of the broken earth.

Not to save the world.

Not to make the world a better place.

Tomorrow… she plans on getting revenge.


The final conclusion to the Born Trilogy was an amazing, epic whirlwind. I will immediately start off by saying , the ending was not what I personally wanted but I am going to write this review in dis-regards to the ending. The story was amazing and it ties up all lose ends! Spoiler alerts to follow so read with caution! Emma is back on  her mission to kill her father however plans change when they learn there is an EMP to detonate that will cut off all the power. Then that will truly allow the world a chance at a clean slate because the breeder farms and her father both need power.

The deaths, the deceit, and the betrayal found throughout this book ripped my heart to shreds in typical Tara Brown fashion. I was mourning the lose of characters I have truly fell in love with both new and old. I was reeling with rage when I found out the betrayal and deceit of characters I thought I could trust and finally I was content with the way the world was becoming. I was happy that Emma and Star started to see eye to eye and they each became more like each other as the story progressed. I was happy the world got the chance it deserved to restart.

Truly another outstanding masterpiece by Tara Brown. An absolute must read trilogy.


Things and people end. They don’t take everything with them though; there is always a little bit left over that burns you inside.



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