Review: Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt


When you see someone who looks like they need saving, you save them right?
Mackenzie is struggling. She’s burdened by a disease that well and truly has its grips on her. Outwardly she tries to hide it; inside, she’s crumbling.

The only way she has been able to feel in control of her life is by purging the despair that has its grips on her and won’t let go.

Tyler Redding knows when someone needs help – he’s seen it before. This time, though, he’s not going to take no for an answer. From the moment he first sets his sights on Mackenzie, he’s unable to think of anyone else. But how can he focus on a football career when his attentions are elsewhere?

With successful careers, a beachside lifestyle and each other’s love to contend with, life should be pretty damn good. But just when they think they have found their wonderful kind of normal, their perfect world comes crashing down.
It’s going to take a lot to keep Mackenzie from succumbing to her disease, but Tyler thinks he might just be the one to save her for good.


This book was just okay for me, it wasn’t blow me out of the water, fantastic, but it wasn’t boring, ready to fall asleep. I’m slightly disappointed because I had high expectations for this book but there is just too much going on in this book. Death, eating disorders, long distance relationships, family drama, sexual harassment, therapy, etc. There are all of these things but the details never appear. For example, it is mentioned about about going to therapy, but a session is never described. I feel that is how alot of this book is. Death is mention but how the character worked through the grieving process is not.

So for  those reasons, I would rate this book 3-stars. I read it, I thought it was a nice read, but details are what draw me in. Which as you can tell to cramp all these variables into one book, alot of details were neglected. It was a nice read, but I probably wouldn’t read it again. It is rather disappointing because Ruined by S. Pratt was phenomenal and I greatly enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, for me, this was a miss.




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