Review: Speaking of the Devil by Meg Collett

SYNOPSIS: Speaking of the Devil

Set in the same world as the bestselling End of Days series comes the darkly comedic stand-alone serial spin-off, Days of New.

Clark St. James, self-professed man-candy with pink hair and duct-taped boots, didn’t ask to be the leader of the Nephilim clans or to have ancient angel magic contained in the unwanted tattoos on his arms. And most importantly, he didn’t ask for the holy angels to get their panties in a twist and ravage the earth during an angel civil war.

Instead, Clark is making lemonade out of life’s lemons. With vodka. And a splash of whiskey just because.

It’s up to the Descendants of Enoch—an order of humans meant to protect the holy angels while on Earth—and Clark’s Nephilim to set this destroyed world back on its axis. The angels in Heaven are busy repairing their city and rebuilding a new form of democracy. In Hell, everyone is adjusting to a new form of leadership after Clark killed Lucifer, prince of the fallen.

Technically, it was an accident. But people keep forgetting that.

Just when things were beginning to get boring, someone starts murdering Descendants in very…unique ways. Ways that incriminate Clark. But there’s always a calling card beside the bodies: a single burnt black feather. And Clark only knows one fallen angel that got crispy fried.

Apparently Lucifer is back. And he’s pissed off.


Oh Clark, how I have missed you! So this book is a follow up to the End of Days Trilogy. We are in complete chaos as the majority of the world has been destroyed and damaged in the aftermath of the war in Heaven. Michaela is now the Angel of Death and Clark is left to leave the Nephilim and work in harmony with the Descendants in an attempt to rebuild the Earth. While the compound is supposed to be a haven for those who survived the war, people start appearing dead, Clark starts having dreams about Lucifer, and Sophia’s sister shows up to add to the mess.

We are left questioning everything while Clark is left being challenged by the Nephilim (some who don’t think he is fit to lead). Who is killing people, why is Lucifer back (is he even alive or just living in Clark’s head), will Clark ever decipher the power that is scribed on his arms, will Clark even survive? So many questions but the book was truly excellent, it kept me on my toes and it feels good to be back in this book world, even if we are in the process of re-building due to an almost apocalypse. The story is just as fast paced as previous books and there are just enough details to paint a picture in your head but not so many that you are bored and start skipping ahead. This is a definite must read for fans of the End of Days Trilogy.

*This book will be available on April 27, 2015.*

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