Review: Statistic by Dawn Robertson


Four Men.
One Woman.
And one of the hardest choices Aurora Alexander will ever have to make.

Newly divorced, single mother Aurora is desperately trying to move on with her life. After a string of unsuccessful blind dates, she turns to internet dating.

Everyone does it, so it has to be safe.


Hot one night stands. Sexting. And an Alpha man who sweeps her off of her feet. Aurora thinks she has found her happily ever after. But among her suitors is one man who plays by a different set of rules, someone who isn’t who he says.

Will Aurora figure out who doesn’t have her best interest at heart?

Or is she destined to become a Statistic?


This book. goodness, the ending I am at a complete loss for words. The story starts with single mother Aurora and her journey back into the dating world, and her first trip to the online dating world. She meets some sweet men, some horny men, and some who are looking for love. After she narrows down her search to a select few things start happening, mysterious cars parked outside your house is only the beginning. As her relationships progress and one clearly starts to prevail, more things begin to unravel.

I will not mention any of the men but  the book ending is NOT what you expect. Things can be deceiving as the characters in this book most certainly are. This is a twisted tale that will leave your jaw hanging and you wondering what the hell just happened?! No seriously, I have whiplash, my feelings are in a state of shock and I don’t know how Dawn can drop an epic bomb like that in the last couple pages. So now I am left to sit and wait because I NEED answers!




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