Review: Steal by Rachel Van Dyken


It’s easy to lose yourself in someone you love.

Easier to lose yourself in someone you hate…

I didn’t think it could get any worse than having to babysit a bunch of spoiled musicians on set ― keeping them out of trouble is a cakewalk compared to seeing my ex every day.

Seaside, Oregon isn’t big enough for the both of us.

She hates me.

I loathe her.

The plan was simple ― stay the hell away and make sure she gets to set on time.

What I didn’t expect was to be faced with our past in front of an audience ― and be forced to face it again.

It’s torture.

The way she looks at me.

The way I try to look through her.

Words left unsaid.

The lingering aftermath still as powerful as ever.

I feed the chasm between us, for fear that she’ll make me feel again ― and steal the last shred of heart I have left.

We have everything but each other.

It’s not enough.

Not when you’ve lost love.

And replaced it with the only thing left ― hate.


*Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*

This book was really challenging for me, there were aspects I loved and aspects I hated. So, I spent about 82% of the book hating Angelica, meaning I honestly wanted her to be killed off. She was a parasite and a horrible person because to me, what she did was unforgivable. Her addiction was a flaw that I refused to accept or forgive and Will could have done so much better. Then, at 82%, this plot twist occurs that melts my froze heart towards Angelica a fraction…I wasn’t on her team but maybe my loathing of her lessened. She was now tolerable and I would deal with her existence in a semi-civilized manner.

Now lets talk about Will, I think I have always had a soft spot for Will. I don’t know what it is about him but I was captivated by what was under all the suit-ties-grumpy exterior. You look up male in the dictionary and their is a picture of Will. What truly made the story was the ‘family’ and all the secondary characters. I loved Jay’s meddlesome ways, Zane’s impulsive yet supportive attitude, Will healing himself…but most of all, I loved all the mafia references!!!! I could not get enough and had the biggest sh*t eating grin on my face every time Zane references them. It brought me so much joy and I loved it and want a merge story. Can Nixon invite them all out for a family Thanksgiving or something?!

Moving along because I could probably write several pages about my cameo love of the mafia…I liked the story, I didn’t fall in love with it and that was because I couldn’t fall in love with Angelica but all the other characters made it hard for me not to smile, giggle, and just enjoy reading it. Is it my favorite Rachel Van Dyken book, no. Would I read it again or recommend it to a friend, yes. I also have my fingers crossed that another one in this series will come!


“Sometimes the best days for someone who’s spent their life numb – is to hurt, because we are never more alive than when we feel pain…”


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