Review: The Darkest Secret by Jessica Pine


Nobody looks at me anymore. Not since it happened. Not since I locked myself away in my room, unable even to open my bedroom door without having a panic attack.

Nobody looks at me… except Jimmy.

I’ve never seen a man look at me like he does. From the moment he started working for my father, I could tell he had already put me up on a pedestal: Famous Hollywood Daughter. And to tell you the truth, I liked it.

But after all this craziness, I want to scream at him, to tell him to stop. There are things about me that no man should have to deal with. It’s true, what they say: I’m a train wreck. Damaged goods. Nothing good can come of us being together.

I tried to love a man, once. I thought I loved him. I thought I could handle him. It turned out… I couldn’t.

And the last thing I want now is for Jimmy to find out the truth about how things ended long ago. Even after I dare him to search for me on the Internet, he refuses, telling me that I have to tell him my secrets. But I can’t. There are secrets that I’ve never shared, not with anyone. And as long as I don’t tell him those secrets, we can pretend to be happy together.

I want to pretend. I want to pretend that everything’s okay. I want to pretend that I can come back from this. Because if those secrets remain kept, I’m everything Jimmy thinks I am.

But if not…


I wanted to like this book, the synopsis, the cover, the title, I was drawn to it. It seemed promising and I was hopeful. To say I was disappointed was an understatement, this book was a struggle to read. I want to say this book was not edited and if it was no one was checking for grammar errors and mis-spellings because there were a ton of them. I am not one easily distracted by these things because all books have them but the fact that I found myself numerous times re-reading a sentence to try to figure out the wording or figure out what word was missing was annoying.

Then there is the story itself, which I honestly didn’t care for and if you know me, I rarely rate a book poorly but I have to give this book 2 stars. The story went from 0 to 100 in the turn of a page. There was way, way, way too much emphasis on race, rich-white girl, skinny-white girl, tan dark skin, curvy hips and firm boobs. I get it the author was going for interracial but I like to paint a picture of the characters in my head not have it painted for me. The main character, Amber, she knows nothing about Jimmy but she randomly tries to seduce and to quote the book, “f*ck him”. I understand Amber is supposed to be crazy, and have issues but she was painted as a broken slut in my mind.

There is also the use of weird vocabulary words, thank goodness the Kindle comes with a dictionary because I was clicking on words to find their meaning at least 5-10 times. In addition, Jimmy is Hispanic or something of that nature, and you hear alot of Spanish and references to the culture which I didn’t really care for. The novel focused a lot on extra side track stories and references and not a lot on the main characters but overall, I didn’t like this book at all.

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