Review: The Hunted One by Meg Collett

SYNOPSIS: The Hunted One

The fallen have trespassed into Heaven for the first time in eternity. Prepared for battle, Michaela and her Archangels open Heaven’s gates to confront the fallen. Only, Michaela’s Archangels—her brothers and sisters in Heaven—betray her. And when the fallen attack the sanctuary in the skies through the gates Michaela inadvertently left open, the holy angels accuse Michaela of planning the invasion.

One simple mistake with a thousand consequences.

Dragged to Earth by an Archangel turned fallen, Michaela will do anything to return to Heaven and save it. In her fervor, she kills the Archangel—something no angel has ever done before. Wingless, without any hope, Michaela welcomes death when an unlikely human ally, Clark, finds her. With the help of Clark and Gabriel, an innocent Archangel whose friendship deepens into something far more torrid and unexpected on Earth, Michaela must prove the holy angels have their own plan for Heaven, and it is one that may prove to be the End of the Days.

It may be too late to save herself, but Michaela is the only one who knows the truth about the holy angels. If she fails, she may never be able to return to Heaven. But even that may be a hopeless dream.


Meg Collett is an new author and this is her first book of her first series. Now, in all honesty, I loved the synopsis and cover, they captivated me, they pulled me in, they promised to answer all my book hopes and dreams. In my opinion they were pretty close to doing all those things! I really enjoyed the book, it was a refreshing read and take on the whole fallen angels theme. Don’t get me wrong, I have read my fair share of books, and I would say this is ranking right along with Ella James and S.J. West (Stained Series and The Watchers Trilogy, respectively).

My only critique is you have to give this book a chance, the first couple chapters were a little dry for me. It didn’t pull me right away, but definitely do not give up because it will, you will reach around 30% and then you won’t want to stop. As a new author Meg Collett definitely has huge potential and I cannot wait to read the next two books in this trilogy.

Go pick up your copy today, its currently only $0.99!



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