Review: The Only One by Meg Collett


In the final installment to the popular End of Days series, Heaven still belongs to a mad tyrant, and Michaela is losing her battle to save the dying world.

But the tides are turning.

With Gabriel’s fallen army, Michaela can finally start a war with the holy angels, which means she has to take care of the Watchers once and for all. What Michaela doesn’t realize is that her best friend has his own vengeful plan for the Watchers.

Even amidst a war, Michaela and Gabriel bask in a sliver of happiness. With every touch and kiss, Michaela discovers a new home in Gabriel’s arms.

Yet happiness is ever fleeting, and Michaela learns of a vision that foretells of the greatest sacrifice she’ll ever make for Heaven. But what is sacrifice in the face of tyranny and madness? It’s a lesson Michaela may not live long enough to fully understand.


I type this review as tears finish streaming down my face from the last 10% of  the book. This was an emotion, gut-wrenching read but the ending was truly beautiful and better than anything my mind was struggling to come up with. It starts off with war, and plotting and planning on how to get into Heaven.

I loved the moments of tenderness and love shared between Gabriel and Michaela. I loved that Clark also didn’t want anything to happen to Michaela because he loves her too. I hate Abel, and at around 70% I had to take a moment to pause because my irrational anger towards Abel had me wanting to reach into my Kindle and punch him in the junk. Clark develops awesome powers and I loved the ending where Meg gives you a little hint as to how Clark might find his slice of happiness. I spent about 90-97% in a state of denial, tears, and being overly emotional. 98% gave me hope and in the end things turned out better than expected. I will conclude this with saying I like Loki…5-fat ugly crying stars for this book!

Overall, and excellent series and I highly recommend!



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