Review: This Impossible Light by Lily Myers


From the YouTube slam poetry star of “Shrinking Women” (more than 5 million views!) comes a novel in verse about body image, eating disorders, self-worth, mothers and daughters, and the psychological scars we inherit from our parents.

Sixteen-year-old Ivy’s world is in flux. Her dad has moved out, her mother is withdrawn, her brother is off at college, and her best friend, Anna, has grown distant. Worst of all, Ivy’s body won t stop expanding. She’s getting taller and curvier, with no end in sight. Even her beloved math class offers no clear solution to the imbalanced equation that has become Ivy s life.

Everything feels off-kilter until a skipped meal leads to a boost in confidence and reminds Ivy that her life is her own. If Ivy can just limit what she eats the way her mother seems to she can stop herself from growing, focus on the upcoming math competition, and reclaim control of her life. But when her disordered eating leads to missed opportunities and a devastating health scare, Ivy realizes that she must weigh her mother’s issues against her own, and discover what it means to be a part of and apart from her family.

This Impossible Light explores the powerful reality that identity and self-worth must be taught before they are learned. Perfect for fans of Laurie Halse Anderson and Ellen Hopkins.”


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Heavy, dense, thought-provoking, and hauntingly accurate, Lily Myers takes a look into the dramatic, ugly, and damaging world of eating disorders. The verse is elegant and powerful, and the story line will draw you in. If you are looking for a light read, this book is not your book. This book is a lot, and I will even admit that I had to read it with breaks because it will bring you down before it lifts you back up.

Lily Myers painfully captures eating disorders to a T. From the need for control, to the downward spiral, to the daily battle to just try. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, this book is the truth. No matter how sad, and heart-breaking it is, its a daily battle and struggle. The inner demons that Ivy struggles should resonate among all women who have ever looked in the mirror and struggled with the reflection they saw staring back at them. It is also a chilling reminder that while Ivy was battling so many demons, those who loved her most couldn’t even tell. She wore her mask well, and as a result left me with my emotions raw.

This book is weighing heavily on my soul, but as I close the last page, I am feeling one last remaining emotion, hope. I feel comfort knowing Ivy is attempting to find resolution in life, and knowing that it is okay to relinquish some of the control, if only for a little bit.

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